Once the excitement of buying their first classic vehicle settled moderately, co-owners Conrad & Mike along with the newly founded Tap Truck Ontario family knew it was time to get “The Albert” outfitted with it’s shiny new tapping system. As a new venture for both Conrad & Mike we knew some challenges would have to be overcome in the beginning but were ready to face those to get to that first poor out of our taps.

The System

The team has decided to go with a five Tap system for “The Albert”. Serving up a variety of beer, cocktails, wine, & non-alcoholic beverages. To get the proper components for the setup of the system the team has had an enjoyable time getting to know several suppliers and experts in the industry and look forward to building long term relationships to outfit our dream fleet of Classic Tap Trucks for any type of event.

Where were at

Currently our Tap Truck is being outfitted with its truck bed box which will house the tapping system. Once the box is complete it will be time to drill those holes for our much-anticipated Taps.  Our goal is to have those Taps flowing for late summer early fall 2022 and taking reservations for events in 2023. 


Tap Truck Southern Ontario would like to acknowledge the Tap Truck USA family and all its outfits for their continued support and help getting our project off the ground. You guys’ rock!

We look forward to many years of good times with you all.

Southern Ontario we cannot wait to get serving at an event near you.